Boersen (Danish business newspaper), August 15, 2003

English translation of excerpts is kindly provided by Dr. Suresh Rattan:

Supressed Fight Against Hated Signs of Old Age

"Mapping of our genes is as much a breakthrough as man's first steps on the moon", said Leonid Gavrilov, a biochemist at the government financed "Center on Aging" at the University of Chicago.

In addition, he talks about gene research, cloning and stem cells, and about eliminating the diseases which affect the elderly, for example, osteoporosis, Alzheimer and cancer.

"This is all new. The society does not know how to handle it all. It is now that we must decide whether we will set limits to God's work".

Researchers already know that reduced calorie intake prolongs life, and the chronic infections and vitamin deficiency accelerate aging.

"Aging is not determined by the passing of time, but by the biochemical processes in the body. If we can reduce or eliminate the damages occurring from these processes, we will, without doubt, have a big influence on human lifespan".

Even then, Gavrilov strongly warns against a series of anti-aging products which are on the market, and stresses that anti-aging-branch consists of two camps: recognized scientists, and profit-hunters.

"There have been several tragedies. With men, the hormone DHEA can be converted to estrogen and can be the cause of growing larger breasts. Growth hormone can increase the risk of heart attack, diabetes and in certain circumstances cancer, " says Gavrilov.

"Many doctors and producers are completely indifferent to potential side-effects. People can die".

The Last "Old"

Ronald Klatz is Gavrilov's opposite. He is frequently seen and heard on radio and TV and in scientific reports. He has founded the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4A), an organization, which stands for the promotion of products and treatments, and publishes books with titles such as "Advantages of eternal life" and "Grow young with human growth hormone." .....

Source: Boersen, Friday, 15th August, 2003.